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Check out my discography below, including links to selected compositions for your listening pleasure.  Also, at the bottom of the page are links to some unreleased material you may find interesting. 

To order your own CDs, or buy individual tracks from a variety of download services, click the Purchase CDs/Tracks button at the left.  I also tend to post my new music on myspace.  Click the Photos & Videos button at left for a video clip of a recent live performance. 

If you want to download any of the selected pieces to your computer, just right-click on the title, select "save target as" and send a copy of the mp3 file to your hard drive (works with IE but not Firefox).  From there, you can copy to your portable player, burn a CD, or send to your friends.  I encourage you to share this music as much as you can, anything except sell it.  The more people who hear it, the better.

  Except for the percussion beats, virtually all of this is produced with acoustic guitars and modified with Ableton Live software.  The guitar tracks are pure improvisation, while the subsequent arranging and mixing of the studio pieces is slow and meticulous.  Live performances are the same, except everything is done in real time, with a slightly different effect.  This music should be played fairly loud.  If your speakers fall short, try some decent headphones. 


    Sinister Dextera - Released February 2007

This latest collection of my work is now on sale at CD Baby, click here to listen to 2-minute samples and order the CD online.  Individual tracks can be purchased from iTunes, Napster, and others, including Ruckus which is available on some college campuses.  Click on the Purchase CDs/Tracks button at the left for the complete list of download services carrying Sinister Dextera.  One of the tracks, Struggle for Love in a Dream, is available for free download below, plus two tracks that didn't make the cut for the album, but are worthwhile anyway.

A few "liner notes" - the SPQR track was recorded, mixed and filed away in early December 2005, almost forgotten.  Christos and SPQR part 2 were recorded and mixed entirely on Christmas Eve, 2005.  Garden Grove (copyright EMI) and We are the Wolves were recorded with vocalist Jeff Uzzel after I moved to North Carolina in January 2006.  Jeff and I are both Sublime fans so Garden Grove was a natural.  Struggle for Love in a Dream is a piano concerto I composed using Notion software.  The other tracks were created by me with my guitars and assorted gear, especially Ableton Live software.  Later, I used Notion to compose Pendulum Fantasie and Progression to compose Rach Three, so I included them for download below.  Progression is similar to Notion, but with a full library of guitar samples. 

1.  Pendulum (3:33)

2.  Christos (2:58)

3.  No Face (7:14)

4.  Saint (6:17)

5.  Genevieve 4 (3:07)

6.  Koostic (3:40)

7.  SPQR (3:13)

8.  More Talking (2:26)

9.  We are the Wolves (5:43)

10. Astra (2:48)

11. Man v. Man 4 (3:02)

12. News (2:30)

13. GVS (3:18)

14. Skitzo (3:41)

15. Gen VI (2:49)

16. Struggle for Love in a Dream (9:50)

Plus several goodies that didn't make the cut for Sinister Dextera:

SPQR 2 (6:10)

Garden Grove (7:04)

Pendulum Fantasie (2:43)

Rach Three (0:52)


    Delirium Road - Released October 2005

                        The best place to listen to Delirium tracks is iSound since they stream the whole track.  Most download services only provide 30 second samples, although iTunes and a few others at least pick their 30 seconds from the middle of the track.  Typical cost per track is 99 cents, except for the 16-minute epic, Sunday Showoff Journey.  To get that one at 99 cents, you have to go to iSound or  Click on the Purchase CDs/Tracks button at the left for the complete list of download services carrying Delirium Road.

 1.  Man v Man part 1 (2:05)

2.  Man v Man part 2 (1:19)

3.  October (3:15)

4.  Cape Horn (5:56)

5.  222 Down - live performance (6:54)

6.  Peaks & Troughs (8:58)

7.  Lion Purr (7:26)

8.  Sunday Showoff Journey (16:00)

9.  All the Many Faces (3:33)

10.  222 Down - studio version (9:16)


    Q.A.P.*  - Released July 2005   * Qualis Artifex Pereo

 1.  Analgesic Hairpin (5:45)

2.  222 Down - studio version (9:16)

3.  Primary Qualities (6:43)

4.  Finger Improvisation (3:35)

5.  Lourdes (5:40)

6.  One a Day (4:00)

7.  June Thirteen (4:12)

8.  Tuk Tuk Scat (4:17)

9.  Epic (7:07)

10.  Diffuse Parvenudom (5:55)

11.  Genevieve part 1 (1:40)

12.  Genevieve part 2 (2:51)

13.  Genevieve part 3 (1:34)

14.  Dragging 'long (3:12)

15.  Lux (4:14)

16.  Autumn Horse (3:36)


    Parvenudom - Released May 2005

This was my first CD, produced soon after I returned to Seattle in the Spring of 2005.  For the curious, here are a couple choice selections from Parvenudom.  Lux was one of the few tracks on this album carried over to QAP.

10.  Lux (4:14)

18.  Clap (2:20)

Here are nine tracks recorded in 2005 which I did not include in any of above albums because of various technical errors.  Nevertheless, for those who are already fans, you may enjoy listening to or downloading them.  These pieces are mostly acoustic sets with less electronica than my later material.  "Afternoon Jam" is especially nice, featuring my friend Devin Bacon, a very talented guitarist from Kirkland, Washington.

        1.  Ad Astra (4:06)

        2.  Wanna1 (6:58)

        3.  Afternoon Jam (6:10)

        4.  Trip Hop Roll (2:13)

        5.  Cuatro (7:00)

        6.  Plenitude (2:10)

        7.  Seraphim (4:43)

        8.  Randomass (1:05)

        9.  2 in a Row (6:00)


Thanks for listening - John